If you are tired of seeing just male pale and stale artist in museums and galleries here are 10 artists to keep an eye on

Paul Chan

Paul Chan

America-based artist Paul Chan was born in Hong Kong. In 2014 he won the Hugo Boss Prize. His work takes the form of sculpture, installation, film,  light projection and performance. Chan’s work concerns topics including globalization, geopolitics, pornography and the political climates,deviance, violence, language, and new media. He sometimes transforms entire rooms with large-scale projections of surreal and hallucinatory apocalyptic worlds made with animated paper silhouettes. Chan has works simultaneously as an artist  and a political activist.

05a27fe11b7e29476f03c2a9bf246e05.jpgNatasja Kensmil

Natasja Kensmil is a Dutch artist of Surinamese descent. In her work she refers to the past, she believes that the present exists in mediation with history. For her the our ancestors seek for a role in our current lives. Their existence questions death and our affiliation with those who past over. In her work she explores the human condition, nature, society, religion, and identity. Mixing engaging unsettling Creole beliefs. Kensmil’s drawings are buildup of several, isolated layers. They seem to mock our secular stance and bid a re-welcome to the realm of spirits.



Awol Erizku

Awol Erizku is an artist from the Bronx born in Ethiopia working with video installations, sculptures and photographs. His mission is to elevate of blackness where historically long there was a distinct lack people of color on the walls of museums and galleries. He looks critically at the discourse of art history. This is most clearly seen in his series of photographic portraits, in which some of the most famous and iconic classic portraits of artists such as Vermeer and Caravaggio are reworked. Erizku replaces the white subjects of  with contemporary black faces.


originalCarla Chan

Carla Chan is an artist living and working in Berlin and Hong Kong. Her art is minimal in form and style. She works with a variety of media including video, installation, photography and interactive media. She considers media art as a medium with infinite possibilities for artistic expressions. She often plays with the blurred boundaries between representation and abstraction and make-believe and reality. Her work is build up of a close relation between means, content and form. Chan considers media art as a medium with endless potential for artistic expressions like the ceaseless progress of new technology.



Abel Rodríguez

Colombian artist Abel Rodríguez an expert in the plants and ecological systems of the Amazon Basin. Traditionally this knowledge is passed down through generations. Researchers were impressed with his skills explaining the ecological aspects of plants and at classifying them. Rodríguez began drawing and painting of Amazonian plants and vegetation in the 1990s. He published the book ‘The cultivated plants of the center people from the Colombian Amazon’ and illustrated a non-existing tree, The tree of life, which narrates the origin of food for the indigenous people of the Mid River Caquetá. His meticulous work caught the attention of the art world and he has exhibited around the world.

b32f8925d7.jpgParker Ito

Parker Ito also known as Julia Rob3rts, Parker Cheeto and Deke McClelland Two was born in Orange County and now lives and works in Los Angeles. Ito works with painting, sculpture, installation multi-media and the Internet. His web-influenced approach to art results in big bodies of work produced quickly with a fresh and witty approach. Exploring the ways the world wide web influence traditional art, sculptures about computer printers, Oils on canvas based on stock or found imagery. He insists on paying his assistants a fair wage and allows for the works produced by the hired hand to be made in their own style.


the-wall-street-journal-calls-moroccan-yto-barrada-the-artist-to-watch-at-art-basel-miami-beachYto Barrada

Yto Barrada is a French–Moroccan artist working across a wide range of media, including installation, sculpture, prints, photography and film. Her work explores the ways in which notions of local and global are articulated. The peculiarities of Tangier, situated at the edge of several frontiers, in particular. She considers the repercussions of transformations, the constantly changing boundaries in culture,politics and economics. Barrada has an eye for showing everyday details that open up a mass of issues.


Lucien Smith

Born in Los Angeles Lucien Smith  is a painter and sculptor. His experimental art, which is based on combination of various different techniques, concepts and styles. He creates work that traverses a spectrum of styles and concerns, from sublime to familiar, chance to purpose, spare to saturated. Smith’s work has a certain Dadaist quality they are conceptual non-representational renderings, which often incorporates collage reference and ready-made materials. Smith made a series of ‘Rain Paintings’ created by spraying fire extinguishers filled with paint.


2_SheelaGowdaPortrait_web1.jpgSheela Gowda

Indian artist Sheela Gowda draws from the events she observes in daily life in Bangalore. Her work consists of painting, sculpture, installation and photography. She incorporates everyday materials, including unconventional ones such as red turmeric, hair, cow dung and incense ash. She is very concerned with issues of the quick social and economic changes in India Today. Gawda makes ‘process-orientated’ work, inspired by everyday labor experiences of marginalized Indian people. In her work the human body is both fragile and spiritually powerful. She connects the security of tradition with the uncertainty of contemporary life. Her work is often associated with Post Minimalism drawing from ritualistic associations.

christian-rosa-berlin-grayson.jpgChristian Rosa

Vienna based artist Christian Rosa was born in Rio de Janeiro. Rosa’s paintings, executed in oil, spray-paint and pencil express the artist’s subjective experiences and follow the tradition of non-objective art. His abstract paintings have an improvisational feel that raises all the right spirits and rhythms throughout the canvas. Relying on mistakes and chance and, Rosa allows his physical instinctive actions to create an abstract painterly world on big canvases. What only suggested by simply drawn paths by what appear to be random sketches and marks with a natural structure, result in highly meditative paintings of intriguing composition.



Kan Xuan

Chinese artist Kan Xuan is best known for her experimental video installations, but she experiments with a variety of media, including photography, painting and performance. In her work she attempts to document the balance and affiliation between China’s dynastic history and the complexity of its present and exaggerate the everyday, with her camera focusing on mundane activities revealing their absurd and eerie details. Using her own body in her some of her early video works Kan engages with a somewhat feminist discourse. Kan’s work highlights the social and emotional landscape of China Today. She draws from the brittle belief systems of an age based on growth and consumption as well as from the tension and intimacy between humans and objects.

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