Kinetic art

We all know the moving artworks of Alexander Calder, George Rickey and Jean Tinguely. But who are the contemporary artists that make Kinetic art.

‘Der Lauf Der Dinge’ (The Way Things Go) by Fischli and Weiss is one of the best art video’s I have ever seen. The chain reaction of objects moving over their studio floor is mesmerizing. It is much copied since they made it in the late 80’s.

J0ZVLij - Imgur.gif

Lin Emery is the Grand Dame of KA. She studied under Ossip Zadkine. She draws inspiration from music, dance and nature. Emery’s work is in the collections of many international museums and collections.


Anthony Howe makes pulsing sculptures that are move in the wind. He is probably most known for the cauldron he made for the opening and closing ceremony the of the Rio Olympics.

iBurmtZ - Imgur.gif

Ralfonso Gschwend builds big moving sculptures with light that are often interactive. His commissioned public sculptures can be seen the world over, including at the Olympic Park in Beijing. He is the co-found the Kinetic Art Organization.

HdnlAGx - Imgur.gif

Rebecca Horns kinetic sculptures touch on history, myth, the spiritual and the literate. She uses materials such as feather fans, violins, suitcases, metronomes, ladders, pianos, metronomes, batons, hammers and water.

1qr9Pdd - Imgur.gif
Ariel Schlesinger creates new uses for everyday objects. In his work he poetically animates lifeless things. But they are often somewhat destructive and political too.
wDK1JQL - Imgur.gif
Theo Jansen studied physics at the University of Delft in The Netherlands. He builds large PVC structures known as ‘Strandbeesten’ (beach animals). They walk on their own only driven by the wind.
11MLfFN - Imgur.gif
Johanna Smiatek brings ordinary objects alive with motion sensors and little motors. She targets the clichés of modern femininity, narcissism, fashion and glamour.

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