Drawing artists to keep an eye on

aab77b220dc8ebc20ff8b701df8a1c38Ciprian Mureasan was born in 1977 Mureasan lives and works in Cluj, Romania.

Ciprian Muresan’s allegorical artwork respond to the post-communist Eastern Europe and questions artistic production. In his drawings, every image from a given publication is hand-traced in overlapping layers of graphite pencil onto a single sheet of paper. On close inspection, images of old master paintings are intelligible.

andrewemperorofafricaathisopeningulundinationalgallery2010encreaquarelleetacryliquesurpapier70x100cm.jpgAndrew Gilbert was born in 1980 lives and works in Berlin

Gilbert critically mocks colonialism in his work. He draws in an unsophisticated manner, using British Empire emblems and stereotypical native people. Fabricating soldiers dressed in over the top garish uniforms. So satirizing the racism and tyranny of occupation.

04-bryce-kolonial-postFernando Bryce was born in 1965 Bryce lives and works in Lima and New York.

Bryce investigates and reconstructs the ways events were represented in old books, magazines, and newspapers. His process involves going through the archives looking for advertisements, news bulletins, and propaganda to attentively recreate chosen subjects in ink on paper.

JEROME-ZONDER_JEU-DENFANT-2_2010_mine-de-plomb-sur-papier_150x200_courtesy-galerie-Eva-HoberJerome Zonder was born in 1974 lives and works in Paris.

His drawings are mainly rendered in graphite and charcoal, often on a large format or as part of an installation. He refers to classic art, current affairs, family photo’s, comics, and popular culture. Innocence appears abreast of cruelty his in narrative compositions that are often frightening.

2366816-RWRYISSM-7Witte Wartena was born in 1976 lives and works in Amsterdam.

His drawings executed in pencil and watercolor may appear as mere documentation, but on closer inspection reveal multiple layers and deeper meanings. His compositions concentrate on (group-) portraits, cityscapes and still lives. He shows his influences but also takes his lack of inspiration as the subject for his work.

nordstrom_07.jpgJockum Nordström was born in 1963 lives and works in Stockholm.

Nordström’s very detailed collages, watercolors, graphite drawings seem improvised. He often refers to them as “stills”. In a seemingly naive hand, he shows of a world awry with naked bodies and sex. His fantastical settings are populated with figures seemingly pulled from different eras.

Untitled+2+b.jpgPaul Chiappe was born in 1984 and lives and works in Edinburgh.

Chiappe creates painstakingly drawn tiny drawings that are based on photographs. He explores memory and loss. Mysterious subjects stare back at the fewer to reveal something and nothing all at once.  He is interested in the relationship between adults and children and the Catholic faith.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 17.50.27.pngSara Hurley was born in Tehran lives and works in Berkshire, England.

Hurley is interested in the interaction the fewer has with her work. Many of her drawings depict visitors to museums and galleries. The spectators themselves become the subject of the art. She makes her work using digital media and is inspired by Persian miniatures.


Rinus Van de Velde was born in 1983 and lives and works in Antwerp.

Van de Velde draws monumental drawings, usually with charcoal, based on found photographs or of self-built staged scenes. His work revolves around identify blurring fiction and reality. Often inserting himself in the work posing as an artist, musician, athlete or scientist.





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