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Art Basel Unlimited

19059126_10154719553971365_3270267982375886947_nU29 John Baldessari
Marian Goodman Gallery and Sprüth Magers

U6 Otto Piene
Sprüth Magers

U36 Bethan Huws
Galerie Tschudi

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 14.21.36.pngU67 Nick Cave
Jack Shainman Gallery
19059663_10154719552581365_901157905087836295_nU10 Mac Adams
gb agency

19055233_10213164358684109_3349774047886105659_o.jpgU65 Julio LeParc
Perrotin in collaboration with nara roesler


Contemporary Textile artists

Many contemporary artists are blurring the boundaries between art and craft. reclaiming techniques and materials that traditionally where not considered for art.

32df8aa71bb5110b75edc32f7b814876Tracey Emin

Emin has made many quilts appliquéd other objects like her famous tent. She collages letters cut out of fabric or felt on old woolen blankets with frayed edges. Hand-written text and drawings are embroidered or printed onto the fabric. 

f-3.jpgRowena Dring

Dring uses holiday photo’s, which are then converted to big canvas images. She uses a painting-by-numbers way, swapping cotton for paint. She uses the traditional female craft of quilt making.

nick.jpgNick Cave

Cave most known for his ‘Soundsuits’. They are costumes, sculptures and musical instruments in one. The artist performs in them with a group of dances. The suits consist of colorful second-hand fabrics. 

7df78fbf14d8211f5c489d330054e26e.jpgIda Ivanka Kubler

Kubler makes bright colored canvases made of hand-painted silk cocoons. The cocoons are recycled after the caterpillars left them wile maturing into butterflies. Kubler meticulously orders them info intricate geometric patterns.

BillieSweetDreams2010.jpgBillie Zangewa

Zangewa’s works are hand made based on template drawings. She expresses womanhood by sewing cut fabrics. She experiments with textiles (principally silk) adorned with embroidery.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 15.24.46.pngFaig Ahmed

Ahmed creates or rips apart existing rugs. The works look like they are melting, pixelated or flawed. He throws existing designs into disarray. His work explores how two different ideas live together.

larger.jpgFaith Ringgold

Ringgold started working with textiles after visiting the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. She was inspired by traditional Buddhist paintings on cloth. At firsts she collaborated with her mother, a popular Harlem seamstress and clothes designer.

sheila-hicks-knots-colorful-fiber-bundles-for-seance-at-design-miami-basel-designboom-05.jpgSheila Hicks

Hicks works exists of both miniature works as well as large scale sculpture. Her pieces are often made of brightly colored fabrics. She uses cotton and materials like feathers, bamboo, porcupine quills and steel fibers. 

America-Afghanistan-II_888.jpgLisa Wade

Wade creates paintings and sculptures and installations. She makes flags using weathered and stained fabrics with textured surfaces. Sometimes violently painted with strokes of tar.