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Contemporary Printmaking

Like drawing, printmaking seems to be experiencing a renaissance. Young artists are not just interested in technique but are clearly focused just as much on content. That this development coincides with the continued rise of digital media is, in my opinion, not at all a coincidence. Artists are looking for a handmade product that can be reproduced and which shows the flaws and variations between one formal mode and the other; as if each copy is a new original.

Here are some exiting artists working in this medium.

Emily Lombardo

Makes conceptual, personal art as she investigates archetypes of cultural identity. Her series of prints The Caprichos’ is based on the classic works of the same name made by Francisco de Goya in 1799.

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Melanie Yazzie

Is a Navajo artist that deals with indigenous cultures and post-colonial dilemmas. Her work often shows strong women taking the lead.

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Dolores De Sade

My work is interested in memory, nostalgia and archetype. Depicting forgotten places in the contemporary landscape. Comparing them with illustrations of past centuries.  memory, nostalgia and archetype.
desade sixth labour of hercules 45x37cm £345.jpg

Jan Brokof

Makes work that revolves around the formative power of the urban environment and his East German youth. He makes reconstructions in 3D using woodcuts.


Benjie Torrado Cabrera

Has a unique visual style influenced by the cosmos. He veers between traditional and contemporary art. His work consists of geometric shapes and spheres and lines.


Frédéric Coché

Questions the ambiguity of human nature and refers to art history. His work is characterized by an opposition between formal aesthetics and the gravity of the subjects it deals with.

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Katherine Jones

Investigates the tension between vulnerability, security, danger and safety. Childhood play and experiment are a central focus of her work.


B.C. Epker

Represents a current situation while reflecting on cultural heritage, philosophy, mythology and religion. Regularly his work consists of rural landscapes with figures.


Katie Baldwin

Shows several stages of both manufactured and natural scenery. She work is narrative and sometimes includes text.


Claas Gutsche

Displays mostly (east) German suburban buildings that have a dark history. His work investigates the unsafety of domestic living.


Rob Voerman

Depicts the beauty of dystopian wreckage. He fabricates a world with fantastical architecture and responds to social and environmental matters.

Stephen Hobbs

Has is interested in the impact of town planning and architecture on the behavior of people. His work also tackles apartheid in Johannesburg.



Thomas Kilpper

Makes wood- and lino-cuts by carving directly into the floor of a building. He takes inspiration from the history of the building.


Christoph Ruckhäberle

Grants balanced consideration to figures and patterns created with bold intense colors. His work is open to interpretation like a theatrical drama.
With his girlfriend Henriette Weber he runs the publishing house LUBOK.


Inez Odijk

Makes portraits and 3D puppets, like real people her works are unique yet the same. Where context is missing rhythm gives the work a structure.



Tom Liesegang

Confronts age old themes like sexuality, death, and religion as well as present day concerns. Some of his work consists of semi abstracted observations of nature.

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